Codeine phosphate teva 60mg


Codeine phosphate teva 60mg (active substance: codeine phosphate) is an analgesic: a medicine that fights pain. It helps block or reduce access to pain sensations in the brain, causing painful symptoms to diminish or disappear


Description of Codeine phosphate teva 60mg

What is Codeine phosphate teva 60mg?

Codeine phosphate teva 60mg (lively substance: codeine phosphate) is an analgesic: a remedy that fights pain. It helps block or reduce get admission to to pain sensations in the mind, inflicting painful symptoms to diminish or disappear.

When is it used?

Codeine phosphate teva 60mg (codeine phosphate) is used as a pain reliever for complications, flu and colds, menstrual pain, kidney turns, rheumatism, pain after an operation or in case of contamination And pains of an unknown cause. Medical doctors occasionally prescribe this medicinal drug to treat a persistent cough. Codeine (codeine phosphate) additionally reduces the feeling of having to cough.

A way to use Codeine phosphate teva 60mg ?

Codeine phosphate teva 60mg tablet need to be involved in a touch liquid. You try this at great at some point of food to avoid gastrointestinal troubles. If you are taking this medication several instances a day, you should wait at least 4 hours earlier than taking the following dose. Have you forgotten to take the medication? You may nevertheless do it later until it’s miles nearly time to take the following dose. By no means take a codeine (codeine phosphate) tablet to make amends for the missed dose. You may find more records on this in the running instructions.


Codeine phosphate teva 60mg is to be had in various dosages (15, 30 or 60 mg of codeine (codeine phosphate) consistent with tablet). The health practitioner decides the dosage of this remedy. Constantly observe the prescribed dosage. Children can only use this medicinal drug in session with a health practitioner.

Aspect results

  • Codeine phosphate teva 60mg can cause aspect consequences although no longer all of us does. The most commonplace facet effects of codeine (codeine phosphate) consist of:
  • Drowsiness, tiredness, dizziness;
  • Constipation. You may save you this via drinking plenty and consuming plenty of fiber;


Maximum side consequences disappear after some days while the body has emerge as conversant in the drug. Consult a health practitioner in case you maintain to experience side results or other undesirable outcomes no longer indexed in the package deal insert.

What ought to I look ahead to at the same time as the use of this medication?

Codeine phosphate teva isn’t appropriate for all of us. Do no longer use this medication in case you:

  • Are hypersensitive to codeine phosphate or to any of the energetic materials used;
  • Be afflicted by brain or liver sickness or other severe illness .;
  • Use a few different medicinal drugs. The doctor is aware of what capsules are worried.
  • Do you continue to use different medicinal drugs? Point out this while you observe: a few tablets may have interaction with codeine (codeine phosphate). You could discover greater statistics on this manual.

Being pregnant / using / alcohol

This medicinal drug can best be used in the course of pregnancy and lactation on the advice of a medical doctor. By no means use codeine (codeine phosphate) simply before delivery. This remedy can negatively affect the child’s breathing.

Codeine phosphate teva can occasionally motive dizziness, drowsiness or tiredness. Take this into account and do no longer take part in traffic in case you suffer from one of these consequences.

Alcohol complements the impact of this drug. You could consequently go through extra quick from fatigue and dizziness. Stop or restrict your alcohol consumption till you no longer have to take this medication


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